Företag Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA)
Strategic Market Intelligence & Advisory Group

GIA is the preferred partner for organizations seeking to understand, compete and grow in international markets. Our industry expertise and coverage of over 100 countries enables our customers to make better informed decisions worldwide. We focus on helping you make the right decisions, with a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your strategic market intelligence and advisory needs. Also known as GIA’s Intelligence Partnership™ concept, this approach means that you gain access to a unique and highly developed service portfolio that above all, promises tailored solutions, global expertise and a track record of excellence.    


Strategic Analysis

Rapid Response Research


Intelligence Software

World Class MI Development

From Rapid Response Research and deep Strategic Analysis to intelligence software, GIA provides solutions that are tailored for you by a team of specialists. This customized approach is embodied in our Intelligence Partnership™ concept, through which we help create synergies across all your strategic market intelligence and advisory needs with a one-stop solution.

Hans Hedin, V.P. Business Development
  Internet www.globalintelligence.com
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